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Organic Insect Repellents

Please note that not all insects are pests. Some of them are beneficial for the plants’ growth. An uncontrolled use of pesticides will kill off all insects including the beneficial insects, while at the same time, harm the plants and health of consumers with its toxic residue. When you discover any pest in your garden, the first step is to identify the insect and then apply proper measures to handle it. Most of the pests are found on plants that are growing poorly, therefore, managing your plants properly is really the answer to your pest problems in the long run.

For pest infestations, Baba has also developed a range of products that are effective in targeting pests. One of them is Super Margosa, which has proven to be effective in eradicating Mealybugs. While our Organic Plant Acid is also effective in eliminating pests, this product also doubles up as a fungicide.

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