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Organic Planting Soil

“Humans are dependent on lands, lands are dependent on humans”. Only a healthy soil can produce healthy crops. The main attributes of soil is to constantly supply and regulate the plants’ needs for water, nutrients, air and heat energy, as well as soil fertility for growth. A fertile soil will regulate the water, fertilizer, gas and heat level to a stable and sufficient condition. A fertile soil also helps to withstand harsh natural conditions to promote the growth of plants.

Baba’s organic planting soil offers a quality environment for the healthy growth of plants.

Why Is Baba’s Soil Called Organic?

There are no legislations for certifying organic soil in Malaysia.

Baba uses specifications from 4 organic standards on our raw materials to ensure the safety of our users:

  1. IFOAM Basic Standards for Organic Production and Processing.
  3. Council Regulation No. 834/2007, Official Journal of the EU
  4. China Taiwan Organic Product and Organic Processed Product Certification Standard

Organic Potting Mix Composition

The ingredients used in Baba’s organic potting mix are compliant with provisions 1.2, 1.7, 1.10, 1.13, and 1.14 of the soil fertility amendment of the China Taiwan Organic Product and Organic Processed Product Certification Standard.

According to these provisions, usable components are:

  • Composted weeds, fallen leaves, crop residue, and other such material
  • Decomposed wood materials (bark, sawdust, wood chips) that have never been chemically or radiationally treated
  • Peat or peat moss
  • Ground rock phosphate, dolomite, and gypsum
  • Maifan stone, perlite dust, and vermiculite dust
  • Coco peat that has not been chemically or radiationally treated

The production of our soil is in compliance with IFOAM Basic Standards for Organic Production and Processing, Section 4.4 Fertility and Fertilization. Provisions 4.4.1 through 4.4.7 list the 7 major requirements.

Heavy Metal Testing

Baba organic potting mix undergoes heavy-metal analysis in compliance Dutch and US standards.

Heavy metals that are tested for include: Chromium (Cr), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), arsenic (As), and mercury (Hg).

  • Heavy metals can be present naturally in soil, so all of the materials used by Baba undergo testing to ensure that they meet organic planting regulations.
  • Suitable for home and organic planting; guaranteed safe for humans and the land.

Pathogenic Microbe Testing

Pathogenic microbes refer to microorganisms which may invade the human body, causing infections and even infectious diseases. Pathogenic microbes include prions, parasites (worms, protozoa, insects of medical importance), fungi, spirochaetes, mycoplasma, rickettsias, chlamydia, as well as other bacteria and viruses.

Baba organic potting mix undergoes testing to ensure that no pathogenic microbes are present, preventing users from catching infectious diseases. It is safe for use.

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