2nd Malaysia Organic Conference

Baba organized the first Malaysia Organic Conference in 2017 revolving around theme “The Development and Future of The Local Food Farming Industry”, in the hopes of kickstarting friendly farming practices and the demand for organic foods in Malaysia. After a warm reception from conference-goers and an endless call for a second conference, we have decided to host the 2nd Malaysia Organic Conference.

This year’s conference will be focused on the participation of bodies from around Malaysia, including farmers, entrepreneurs, retailers, farmer organizations, government organizations, and tertiary educational institutes. Beginning with the promotion of conscientious agriculture, the conference will be inviting both local and foreign experts to share their experiences and stories of success.

Under consideration of Malaysia having a small to mid-sized market and mass production very easily causing sales pressure, the transformation and upgrading of farms and the processing of organic agricultural products will be one of the ideal solutions. Therefore, our conference this year will be themed “Upgrading in Eco-Friendly Agricultural Value Chain”, which will hopefully allow more farmers to see the possibilities of and solutions for friendly farming practices.

This is a social welfare conference which expected to have around 500 participants. (only for adults with age 18 and above)

Details for 2019 Malaysia Organic Conference is as below:

Date :8/12/2019
Time :9am – 5pm
地点 :Asia Pacific University
Technology Park Malaysia

Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur 57000

Spoken language is Mandarin with English translation provided

Tel :012-494 6058

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