Farmers Training

22.04.2017:Safe Pesticides Seminar(Venue: Muar)

15.03.2017:Safe Pesticides Seminar(Venue: Segamat)

14.03.2017:Safe Pesticides Seminar(Venue: Jementah)

10.03.2017:Organic Farming Course(IV)-Basic Farm Management

06.01.2017:Organic Farming Course(III)-Pest and Disease Management

26.11.2016:Safe Pesticides Seminar (Venue: Banting)

24.10.2016:Cameron Highland Organic Farmers Training

20.10.2016:Organic Farming Course(II)-Soil Management and Composting

25.08.2016:Safe Pesticides Seminar (Venue: Malim Nawar)

19.08.2016:Organic Farming Course(I)-The preparation and implementation of Organic Farming

16.06.2016:Safe Pesticides Seminar (Venue: Butterworth)

23.01.2016:Farmers Conferences



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