What Are Earth Tag Eco Plants?

A beautiful flower that pleases the eye and delights the heart more often than not requires for the farmer to spray huge amounts of chemical pesticides on it in order to keep its appeal. According to statistics, out of the content of the pesticides that are sprayed onto plants, only 1% of it is used to kill off the pests. 45% of it stays on the plants while the remaining 54% is absorbed into the ground. After a heavy rainfall, the pesticide residue will flow into the stream, river and reservoir or the sea.

This is why in 2012 and 2015, there were frequent news reports that questioned the methods that have been used for planting in the well-known area of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, where the water quality was inspected and found to contain toxic pesticides. Today, we know and are fully aware that it is only a short matter of time before the chemical pesticides we use on our plants re-enter our body’s systems…

In order to encourage more people to stop using chemical pesticides, Baba has established the “Earth Tag Eco Plant” for setting environmentally friendly gardening standards.

Growers who are seeking to obtain a certification from “Earth Tag Eco Plant” are required to meet the stringent standards and pass the annual inspection of Taiwan’s largest International Organic Certification body – Tse Xin Organic Certification Corporation – from conducting audits of the flower beds on site and ensuring that the plants are being grown organically, to complying with the operational criteria and fully eliminating the use of chemical pesticides – only when one has fulfilled all the set criteria is one able to obtain the “Earth Tag Eco Plant” certification.

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