What Is Eco Nursery?

A garden centre is where people can get in touch with Mother Nature. It is a good place to appreciate the beauty of flowers, spend our leisure time or shop around, but in order to guard these beautiful plants from weed, pests and fungal growth, many garden centres have to resort to spraying chemical pesticides and herbicides on a regular basis. The use of these chemical pesticides not only causes serious health consequences for the workers and store dealers, but also to every nature lover that has come into contact with the plants. Hence, Baba started this “Environmentally Friendly Gardening Centre” to protect the health of his store dealers, employees, children and the environment.

An “Environmentally Friendly Garden Centre” requires the implementation of strict operating procedures such as having clearly segmented areas between chemical and organic materials, plantation conservation areas, keeping records of pest prevention and control, and most importantly, prohibiting the use of chemical pesticides in the centre.

As such, an “Environmentally Friendly Garden Centre” is in need of your greatest moral support and encouragement in spearheading its mission.

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