Mr. Tang Kok Huei

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“Do not let pesticides affect your personal health”
– Mr. Tang Kok Huei

Mr. Tang Kok Huei from A1 Rose Garden, Cameron Highlands is the first grower in Malaysia who has successfully grown chemical-pesticide-free “Poinsettia”.

He opines that it is a matter of the “heart” (desire) when it comes to growing beautiful plants. Each plant desires the heart to take care of and to communicate with them. Even though his workers had persuaded him to solve his problems with chemical pesticides during the several times he encountered major pest problems, he still persisted and advised his workers not to neglect their safety because of pesticides. He wants them to return home healthily.

Modestly, Mr. Tang also mentioned that he does not claim to be a hero protecting the Earth from harm, but he truly believes that Unity is Strength. Nevertheless, the Earth and the path to a greener world still depends on each and every one of us.

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