Mr. Tan Goo Tong

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“Consume environmentally friendly aromatic herbs without worry”
– Mr. Tan Goo Tong

Mr. Tan Goo Tong from Goo Tong Nursery in Cameron Highlands is a grower with 20 years of planting experience. For the sake of his family, his workers and consumers in general, he started planting pesticide-free potted flowers two years ago and successfully acquired the Baba Insight certification.

Mr. Tan grows a wide selection of pesticide-free herbs, including Mint, Laksa leaves, Basil and Rosemary, among others. He understands that with the rise of consumer awareness, education and living standards, people are now more health-conscious than before. Therefore, since the herbs are edible plants, consumers may now be able to enjoy the herbs with ease and need not worry about any pesticide residue problems.

Mr. Tan grows eco-herbs happily, consumers eat them peacefully.

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