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Achieving New Heights – The “Public Participatory Certification” Programme

The Public Participatory Certification is a programme that invites people with the same vision from different industries to come together and inspect businesses that possess the Earth Tag certification. This is a new programme that was just recently launched globally.

started off this programme in Malaysia by inspecting the Eco Nurseries. The main purpose for this inspection is to make the certification process more transparent, which will not only increase the level of public trust towards Eco Nurseries, but also increase the level of understanding of the functions and meaning for the existence of these Eco Nurseries.

In November 2016, the Public Participatory Certification programme was launched and up till February 2017, there have already been 12 participants who, after receiving training from experts, had performed their inspections at 9 Eco Nurseries around Malaysia.

Through the inspection process, the public inspectors had gotten the opportunity to better understand the roles played by the Eco Nurseries. Being witnesses to the natural beauty and fresh air of the environment and then acknowledging the efforts made by the Eco Nurseries offer a fresh encouragement to all the Eco Nursery owners.

Sharing from participants:

 ^3CE38BB3E9BB178F771B9228556E810763EDF7A076531C2FD1^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Lee Chian Chew – A man with a strong concept of what defines environment-friendliness:

“This is the first time that I have had the chance to join a certification inspection and it was really an eye-opener. The guidance of the team leader has allowed me to deeply understand Eco Nurseries with the “Earth Tag” logo and I feel that this is a really meaningful and challenging activity to undertake.

From the owner of the nursery, I got to know that the usage of chemical pesticides not only affects the health of consumers, it will also cause harm to the workers at the nursery. I hope that this activity can continue on indefinitely, and that all of us can support and promote this meaningful programme.”

 ^B5C42D8E73112CF6514EA903128F5DDC4AC31C7377D9FBD29F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr  Kok Lee Ming – Teacher

“This inspection process was an unimaginable learning platform for me. I personally experienced and understood the importance for the public to join such certification processes and the true meaning behind Eco Nurseries. I am truly moved by this experience and hope that in the future, I will have more chances of joining similar activities to bolster my experience and make life more interesting and worth living.”

 ^746673BEE83F07691F670117B11F6F92EDFBFD9E9A2BEE1222^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr  Tharm Ruen Ping – Student pursuing a Degree in Botany

“Jing Si Aphorism: “Natural disasters are caused by human wrongdoings that originated from the human mind.” The health problems that are caused by the residuals of chemical pesticides are clear for all to see. Should we continue to act indifferent to this, it will snowball into something that we cannot hope to handle in the future.

I really admire BABA for their persistence towards going organic and am honoured to be able to join this Public Participatory Certification programme. Throughout the inspection process, we had to make sure that the Eco Nursery inspected does not use any chemical pesticides at all in their operations. This will allow us all to live in a surrounding that is free from residuals of chemical pesticides and we will then be able to lead better and healthier lives.”

 ^B9E406E433C998688766B70209697A0D633E0D6F4EED4561DF^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Teo Yew Teik – Lecturer

“The process introduced by the “Public Participatory Certification” programme enables nursery owners to be able to decide the period, way and scale of their intended change. This theory fits in with the ISO standards and is a logical, scientific way. If the individual nursery owners can ponder deeply about the change they wish to see in their operations, this will help them better operate their nurseries. Consumers who visit these said nurseries will then be influenced by the owners and I believe that they will then care more about their environment.”

 jpg59BF4972D3F14B475DA8C02F9EA9D4B171F990F07D77EB834^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Leong Sook Leng – Vice Principal

“Inspecting the Eco Nurseries is not only a platform to promote environmental protection, it is also a good teaching mechanism. Through the inspection process, the nursery owners are able to understand their contributions to preserving the environment as well as allow them to meet and know that there are ordinary people out there who like and support environmentally friendly procedures. When these owners and their consumers interact more and exchange personal experiences when it comes to their organic efforts, this will indirectly spark the process of educating the wider public on ways to preserve the environment.”

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