School Landcare Farming Programme

Students are the teachers, consumers and entrepreneurs of the future. Thus, their understanding and care for the environment will play a vital role in determining the future of the Earth. This year, Baba has started to extend their green movement of environmental education to schools through the launching of the Baba School Landcare Farming Programme.

In addition to encouraging the teachers and students to start their own vegetable gardens in the school, Baba is also more than willing to provide them with counselling aid and environmental education regularly. Monetary sponsorship is also generously given to the school that has encountered any financial difficulties.

Through this program, Baba has discovered that a lot of schools and teachers are actually very keen and enthusiastic about promoting environmental protection. The same goes for the students who has showed great interest in the subject. The only problem is that they are short of resources to guide them. Hence, it can be described that Baba’s involvement is absolutely timely and necessary.

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