Help Malaysia Organic Grow

A few years back, Baba started to organise various educational activities on environmental protection and organic farming. We aspire for other garden centres to adopt environmentally friendly farming methods, for store operators to sell healthy and beneficial goods and for consumers to be able to safeguard their health – so that a society that is environmentally friendly may be restored in order to help Mother Earth regain its vitality.

Even though we have been actively promoting various environmental protection and organic educational activities for quite some time now, there were still many people who could not fully comprehend the concept of environmental protection. It was not until recently that more and more people have begun discussing about organic environmental protection. Thus, we feel the time has come.

Hence, starting from 2015, Baba began to promote the “Help Malaysia Organic Grow” event. Through this event, we hope to inspire more people to come together to protect Malaysia’s environment as well as the future of our children.
The six action programmes of Baba’s “Help Malaysia Organic Grow”:

logo-hmog Meaning behind this flag
A human footprint overlap on a frog footprint.
The frog represent the amphibian footprints,
when amphibians appear, they will eat insects,
then the amphibians eater – snakes will appear,
following by the eagle, the time when you see the eagle,
also symbolized an ecological balance land ……
Organic or environmentally friendly farming will bring
the ecological balance to the environment.
The peaceful coexistence among humans and animals,
creating a good sustainable environment for our children.
Thus, that footprint is in fact our children’s footprint.
For the sake of ourselves and our children,
together helping and creating a more organic Malaysia!

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