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The Origins of Baba

Our Products

Having a complete range of garden tools is crucial to every garden enthusiast.


Baba started to organize various educational activities on environmental protection and organic farming.


Baba started to organise various educational activities on environmental protection.

Think Baba, Think LOVE

The natural environment has allowed us to flourish and thrive as a community. It is only natural that we return the favor, and in the process establish an everlasting connection with the environment.

Help Malaysia Organic Grow

Our Responsibility to the Environment

Education is the key to recasts future when the generation develops a deeper understanding of environmental issues, they will make informed and responsible decisions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We Promise to Contribute

We allocate funds with parts of our profit, to help those in need, spread our love over the world.

Spread Love

Product Innovations

Creating products that are not only well-designed and reliable, but also reflects a friendly and supportive spirit towards our customers, the plants they grow, the local community as well as the natural environment

Together, We Help Malaysia Organic Grow!

The land that we bestow, Is our children future!