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To cultivate an organic garden that helps to sustain an eco-friendly environment, synthetic plant fertilizer should always be avoided and only use organic fertilizers to nurture your garden soil and the organisms in it. As the leading gardening fertilizer supplier in Malaysia, you can shop for high quality organic fertilizers for your plant nutrition needs. Our organic fertilizers have balanced nutrients and are made using environmentally friendly farming methods to promote healthy and beneficial goods for consumers. We are the trusted fertilizer manufacturer that delivers the best quality organic fertilizers in Malaysia.

Research shows more than 50-70% of chemical fertilizers being used worldwide still remain within the soil and are seeping into groundwater sources.

This in turn creates drastic pollution to the rivers and oceans, which indirectly affects us through the fish or shellfish we consume. Healthy soil leads to healthy produce. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure the soil gets enough nutrients to supply to the plants. To further promote environmental protection effort and the health of public, Baba’s Mr Ganick natural organic fertilizer series for plants & vegetables have proven to be compliant to strict environmental standards and endorsed by international laboratories, including:

  • Meeting TLCP (Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure)

  • Meeting Chemical Pesticide Residue Report and Pathogenic Bacteria Test (EPA Regulation 503)

  • Meeting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Meeting Biuret Content and Formamide

  • Compliant with American NOP Standard and European Organic Regulation

Organic fertilizers with good quality are the products of natural decomposition, making it easy for plants to digest and grow faster. Our fertilizer for flowers and plants also provides consistent organic nourishment, improving its rigidity and self-sustainability. Our organic fertilizers have balanced nutrients and organic matter, this ensures the fertilizers will not burn or damage the plant roots like how chemical fertilizers tend to do.

So what are you waiting for, buy our fertilizer at any online store, such as Baba Eshop, Lazada, Shopee or any garden center in Malaysia to explore more. Start cultivating your dream garden!


Mr Ganick Organic Fertilizers Series

Baba’s Mr Ganick Organic Fertilizers Series is a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly and effective agricultural products developed by our in-house R&D team, a renowned expert in organic gardening and farming solutions. The series includes Mr Ganick Organic Fertilizers tailored for flowers, leafy plants, melon and fruit trees, as well as lawns. Mr Ganick’s fertilizers are 100% natural and organic, earning the trust of farmers and gardeners alike all around Malaysia. We advocate for a greener and healthier future by promoting the use of non-toxic fertilizers.


Bigger , fuller and greener leaves


Bigger and fuller harvest


Maximize flower bloom


Bigger, juicier, sweeter fruits


90% high organic matter, organic fertilizer with systemic pest prevention


Nano-sized fertilizer for fruiting and flowering, safe for fish


Help leafy or indoor plants growing healthily without much sunlight


Organic, without chemicals, faster growth & rot prevention

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