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Having unwanted pests growing on your plants is inevitable, most importantly is how you deal with it. While most of the pests are not welcomed, some of them are actually beneficial for the growth of your eco plants. Many factors can affect the attraction of pests to your plants, including the type of soil used or the kind of fertilizers applied as well. An uncontrolled use of farm pesticides will eradicate all of the pests, including those beneficial ones. On top of that, using a mass volume of pesticides will also harm the plants and affect the health of the consumers with the toxic residue left behind. Most of the pests are found on plants that grow poorly therefore, managing your plants systematically is the best solution to effectively control your pest problem in the long run.

That’s why Baba only offers a range of organic pesticides that are highly effective in controlling the growth of pests, while also being environmentally friendly. Using an uncontrolled amount of pesticides will eradicate all of the pests, including those beneficial to your plants. This is why it’s important to buy from the right pesticides supplier in Malaysia, to cultivate an eco-friendly gardening environment at your home.

Choose Organic Pesticides for Safer Pest Control

For pest infestations, Baba has also developed a range of products that are highly effective in controlling the growth of pests. Our organic pesticides are made from natural ingredients. All organic pesticides at Baba are strictly compliant with NOP, EU or JAS Organic Standard, target-specific, effective and safe. Choosing the right pesticides is crucial, look for organic insecticides as it will directly improve the growth of your plants. This is important to cultivate an eco-friendly gardening environment at your home.

Organic pesticides for plants made by Baba were proven effective to reduce pests & diseases through physical control (instead of neurotoxification and others). For example, Mr. Ganick Scale Terminator, made from massage oil & orange extract, was effective to reduce Mealybugs through washing pest’s waxy protection layer and suffocating pest; Mr. Ganick Aphid Buster, made from Faboideae plant alkaloids, is effective to reduce various aphids, and it has been continuously enhanced formulation to manage thick-shelled beetles as well. Mr. Ganick Organic Plant Acid, made from various herb extracts, was researched to reduce fungal & bacterial disease effectively during wet season. Shop and buy these pesticides online now for a safer and healthier garden!


Mr Ganick Organic Pesticides Series

Explore the Baba’s Mr Ganick Organic Pesticides Series, our revolutionary line of eco-friendly pest control solutions designed to keep your garden thriving without harming the environment. This collection, including the renowned Mr Ganick Scale Terminator, acts as a contact insecticide that adheres to scale insects, covering their respiratory organs and disrupting the pests’ gaseous exchange process. Our best selling Mr Ganick Dr Neem 500ml bottle boasts antifeedant and repellent effects, functioning as an insect growth disruptor to manage over 40 types of pest insects. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace a greener, healthier garden. Shop our line of Mr Ganick pesticides now!


Managed more than 40 types of pest insects


Reduce scale insect population


Effectively reduces aphids and protects against viruses


Repel pest, prevent disease and recover injury


Promoting plant growth, pest & disease prevention, plant booster & mosquito repellent.


Reduce snail population

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