Grow Your Own Organic Garden: Buy Organic Soil from a Reliable Supplier

Upon choosing the right pot for your new plant, the next step would be filling the pot with the right type of soil. Being known as the ‘reservoir’ of key nutrients and water content to the plant, choosing a healthy organic soil will help in producing healthy crops to get your new gardening hobby off to a good start. On top of that, a fertile soil also helps to endure harsh weather conditions to promote the growth of plants.

At Baba, we know that good soil is crucial for vegetation. Because of this, we only produce the best organic soil for your plants. The flower soil brands that we produce will give your plants the best possible start in life as it is perfect for growing flowers or veggies, which will encourage your plants to send forth strong roots, lush foliage, and abundant harvests.

Being a main supplier of organic gardening mix in Malaysia, we offer organic media that stimulates a quality environment for the healthy growth of plants in your garden. All organic potting mixes are produced according to a set of special formulations, based on the types of nutrients needed by different plant seedlings. All organic potting mixes are only produced upon the order placed by each customer, making sure each batch of organic potting mix is fresh from the factory.

Why Is Baba’s Soil Called Organic?

Get organic potting mix for any scale garden project from one of the most trustworthy soil suppliers in Malaysia. There are no legislations for certifying organic soil in Malaysia.

To ensure the quality and safety of our products, on top of the ISO certification applied on our organic soil, we also adhere to the specifications from 4 organic standards on our raw materials:

  1. IFOAM Basic Standards for Organic Production and Processing.
  3. Council Regulation No. 834/2007, Official Journal of the EU
  4. China Taiwan Organic Product and Organic Processed Product Certification Standard

Why Choose Organic Soil?

Besides the reservoir of nutrients available in organic soil, the organic matter in it also helps to regulate the drainage and retention of water content in the soil. In most cases, organic soil helps to retain water better than normal synthetic soil, hence allowing your plant to have a better access to the water it needs.

Go no further than Baba if you want the finest organic soil for your yard, we guarantee that your plants will be healthy and fruitful. You can rely on us to provide you with high-quality organic soil in Malaysia, so that you may grow a beautiful and nutritious garden. Buy your soil at any online store such as Baba Eshop, Lazada, Shopee or visit any garden center in Malaysia now!

Baba Organic Planting Soil Series


To prolong soil life & improve plant quality


Contains peat moss and compost-based, increase harvest for leafy vegetables


Ideal for melon vegetables


To prolong soil life & improve plant quality


Retains moisture & nutrients, good ventilation for root growth, high organic matter content

Only watering, no fertilizer needed, contains long-lasting organic nutrient of NPK & trace element

Contains fast-reproducing beneficial microbes for root protection

Uses natural self-replicating good bacteria, no fertilizer needed for 6 months


Added slow-release fertilizer for cactus, improve cactus health and tissue firmness


Expert formula, good for ventilation and drainage, prevents rotting roots


Suitable for growing woody plants, help in continuous growth & flowering


Contain natural mineral, help in continuous flowering


Organic multi-purpose planting mix, enhanced drainage, protect roots & promotes growth


For faster, stronger and easier seedling


Ideal for soil improvement & crop enhancement


Enhanced drainage prevents soil compaction balance soil pH

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