Promote Organic Farming

To promote environmental protection, Baba has developed seven acre of organic educational field, whereby more than half of the land retains its original condition and will be regularly opened to schools, businesses or community groups for ecological education; while the other half of the land will be used for organic planting, which employs different organic methods to grow plants and reduce pests. Currently, this organic planting area will be used by Baba to interact with farmers on different farming methods, as well as being used by Pejabat Pertanian Daerah Seberang Perai Selatan as a training base for the farmers.

Now, in order to help and educate farmers who are interested to adopt organic planting, we began to promote “Helping Organic Farmers” programme. Through this programme, consumers will learn about the hard work of organic farmers as well as their contribution towards the environment and human wellbeing. The organic farmers would also have an opportunity to feel appreciated throughout their farming journey.

View Baba Organic Study and Research Farm

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